You Could Be Super Cool This Valentine’s Day! Here’s How

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful occasion for most of us. It is the day of roses, hearts, chocolates and everything else. But what if you don’t have a partner this Valentine’s Day? Then all hope is lost, right? No, not really. If you have no lover, don’t cry.There are so many super cool ways for you to find love this Valentine’s day.With the rise of online dating, various apps are looking to capitalize on this trend.Apps like Tinder  allows users to browse for singles in their own area via profiles that include a brief bio and photos. Users can swipe left or right on the basis of whether they like someone or not. Another unique app on the market today is; Bumble. Bumble stands out because it enables female users to make the first move. So, if a match occurs and the female party doesn’t initiate the conversation within 24 hours, the match will be erased.

Another interesting app is Happn. The novelty of Happn is that it capitalizes on proximity. The app matches users with people who may have crossed paths with them with the idea that they may have something common . So whether you like rom-coms or action movies, you’ll always find a match. Another interesting app that can capture your attention this Valentine’s Day is Once. Unlike the other apps, that give you multiple matches a day, Once gives you just “one handpicked match per day”. You then have 24 hours to pick your next match, or wait to be presented with one. It has 120 matchmakers working with a pool of around 60,000 users. Unlike other apps, Once also enables you to message your match before they approve of you.

tada time

All of these dating apps are good and all that but the question of whether they raise your ‘cool’ factor or not is debatable. However, there is one app that can raise your awesomeness to the next level. One needs to look no further than the TaDa Time App. Developed with the technology of Augmented Reality, the TaDa Time app enables you to create your very own augmented 3D avatar that can look, talk and act like you. The app also has a number of cool animations that can lighten up your Valentine’s Day with joy.

You can now send fun animations to your crush and they can send you their own creations. Feeling happy? Send it. Feeling flirty? Send it. Feeling romantic? Send it via an animation. Guess what?this Valentine’s Day, you have 10+ new animations animations for to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Just TaDa away! Do you know what the best part of this app is? It has a built-in social messenger with an Augmented Reality chat, unlike face-masks that guarantees you a unique means to communicate your friends and family all around the world. You can all post your romantic animations to all your friends and family and it would be just like they could see you in real life upping your social life by no bounds. So it’s clear that there a number of apps that you could turn to this Valentine’s Day. The choice is yours to make…     

Download TaDa Time for free on both iOS and Android.

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